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T54W – Blind Transfer – How To Guide

The steps below will show you how to perform a blind “non-courtesy” transfer using a Yealink T54W phone.

The following steps will show you how to perform a blind transfer.  This method of transfer is only recommended for certain scenarios and usage. This method of transfer does not allow the transferee to know who is on the line for them as it passes the call with no ability to announce the caller.

  1. With your current phone call in session, click on the transfer button on the LCD screen.  This button will be labeled “Transfer”.
  2. Now you must dial the number you wish to transfer to.  This is either an internal extension or external number.  For external numbers, you must dial the full area code+phone number.
  3. Once you have entered in the number to transfer to, select “Call” from the LCD screen.
  4. Complete the call but selecting the transfer button on once more.

The video below will demonstrate how to perform the blind transfer.

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