Hardware Solutions

Telecubed has partnered with the fastest growing VOIP phone manufacturer in the world to bring you the best selection of handsets

Telecubed offers a wide variety of Yealink Phones from entry level to high end executive feature set phones. Partnering with Yealink allows us to offer other types of Yealink phones such as conference and even wireless handsets. Although Yealink is our preferred choice when it comes to physical handsets we do support other industry common vendors such as Polycom, Grandstream, Cisco and Snom with the Telecubed system.


Touch Sensitive HP IP Conference Phone for small to medium sized conference meeting rooms


Dual Line Entry level IP phone. HD voice with easy to use features. Perfect for kiosk or lobby areas


Mid-level phone, ideal for professionals and managers with moderate call load. Color screen with built in Gigabit POE or wireless.