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Telecubed Servers and QOS

This article pertains only to IT Professionals that manages network infrastructure as it gives best practices to be performed for best voice experience.

QOS (Quality of Service):

If you have not yet set QOS in your network, please refer to your specific firewall vendor on how to set QOS within your firewall.

The following information contains the required network information for outbound traffic that should be allowed.

TeleCubed IP’s:

General Settings:

SIP ALG should be turned off.  Telecubed does not support SIP ALG.  If your firewall has it turned on by default, please turn it off.  To check if SIP ALG is turned on, please download this software to check.

If you are using a SONICWALL firewall, please contact us for recommendations.

UDP Time out:  Your specific firewall should allow for UDP timeout settings.  Please make sure your UDP timeout is set to 300 seconds instead of the short default.



The following servers should be allowed to connect outbound with no restriction on your firewall.





Set your QOS on your firewall and ensure that the following ports are allowed outbound to our servers and IP Addresses on this article.

SIP Ports: 5060 – 5080.  UDP and TCP

RTP Ports: 10000-60000 UDP only


It is best practice to set your voice network on its own vlan.  Your phones should all operate on its own voice vlan.  Please refer to your specific network switch and firewall on how to configure your vlan for voice.

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