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T31P – Accessing Voicemail – How to Guide

Accessing voicemail on a T31P phone can easily be achieved by following the steps below.  By default, if you are accessing your voicemail for the 1st time.  Your voicemail password is set to the same number that your extension is.  You MUST change your password to something different besides your default for your voicemail to start working.  Otherwise, you will not be able to retain any voicemails if you do not change your default password.

Please note that if you have opted to have your voicemails forwarded to your email, you will no longer need to check your voicemails on your phone.

  1. Locate the envelope button on your phone.
  2. Push the envelope button.
  3. Listen to the prompt and follow the steps as it will guide you through setting up your voicemail password for the 1st time.
  4. If this is not your 1st time accessing your voicemail, please follow the prompts to review and listen to your voicemails.

The video below will demonstrate how to access your voicemail.

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