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How to set QOS for softphones

Softphones for VOIP is a bit tricky. Unlike traditional VOIP IP Phones where you can easily set a different VLAN and perform QOS on the firewall/Edge device they are running natively on a computer itself. With that said, the firewall is unable to tag voice traffic coming from a computer and therefore, unable to prioritize it accordingly to QOS rules.

The below steps will show you how to create a QOS policy using Active Directory Group Policy to tag all traffic generated by the CoreNexa desktop application and the web application.


  1. Start > Run > gpedit.msc (this starts the local group policy editor, the domain-level policy will override these settings)
    -Expand Computer Configuration > Windows Settings
    -Right-click on Policy Based QoS > Create new policy



  1. -DSCP = 46
    -Policy Name = Telecubed App QOS


  1. Ensure that the policy is applying to the CoreNexa desktop app.


  1. Set the source and destination ports to “any”


  1. Next change the protocol to UDP.


  1. Now you will need to create another policy for the web app itself. We will repeat the steps.


  1. Create a new policy.



  1. -DSCP = 46
    -Policy Name = Telecubed Webapp QOS

  1. Ensure that the policy is applying to the 3rd option which is http.


  1. Set the source and destination port to “any”



  1. Now you should see 2 policies that you created. One for the desktop app and the other for the web app.


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