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How do I set my own calling rules?

You can set your own calling rules by following the directions below.  Doing so will allow you to make your callers ring your own personal cell phone, other extensions and even loop your calls until you or someone picks up.

Please becareful with this setting as incorrectly setting this can lead to missed phone calls.

  1. Log into https://voip.telecubed.com/service
  2. Once logged in, hover to the left hand side where your name is displayed.
  3. Click on your name.
  4. Select “Settings” from the menu.
  5. Select “Calling” from the left hand side.
  6. Now click on the “Find Me” tab.
  7. Make your setting changes and click save at the bottom of the screen.

By default, when someone calls your extension it is set to ring your phone.  Toggling the additional settings will give you the option to ring either an outside line such as your cell phone or ring another extension.

This is useful if you are going on vacation and do not want your calls to go to voicemail but instead another colleague that is taking over for your duties.  You can simply toggle the 2nd option and select “Other Extension”.  Once that is set, put in the extension you want it to ring and click Save at the bottom.

Ring Strategy

You also have a ring strategy.  “Sequential” means when a caller calls you, your phones will ring in the order that you have set.  “Simultaneous” means that all your devices will ring at the same time.

Time Settings

You can set whether the calling rules only apply during certain hours or if you want it to be always active regardless of time and day.

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