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T57W – Call Park – How to Guide

The steps below will show you how to park a existing call to a call park.

The following steps will show you how to park a call.  Call parking is used when some one picks up a call such as a receptionist picks up an incoming call and needs to put that call on hold so that the desired person can later pick up that call.

Please note that in order for Call Parking to work, you must first have it configured and setup.  If you do not have Call Park keys on your LCD screen, then you do not have it configured.  Please open a ticket with our support desk 1st prior to following these steps.

  1. With your current phone call in session, locate the Call Park keys on your LCD screen.  The call park keys will be labeled Call Park +number.  Available call parks will be designated in green which means it is open to park a call.  If it is indicated in red, this means the park is already used and already has a current call on that spot.
  2. Once you have identified which call park to send the call, simply press the desired call park key.  This will send the call to park and the caller will no longer be on your phone.

The video below will demonstrate how to perform the Call Park feature.

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